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169 ishigaki

This beautiful card was sent by Tomoko from the island of Ishigaki, Japan.

Tomoko went there on vacation with her family in May, but as she described in the card, it was already as hot there as if it was summer. Ishigaki is one of the southernmost islands of Japan, and the climate, landscape and culture are different from the main islands of Japan. The culture of the island is actually influenced also by Taiwan, located just 300km from Ishigaki. Similiar to nearby Okinawa, the food here also differs from the main japanese islands. Meat is very popular on Ishigaki, and the island is famous all over the country for its beef.

The island is perfect for anyone who loves tropical paradises. Most of its area is protected as a part of Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park, and the most spectacular places are Mount Omoto and Kabira Bay. Tomoko confirms this in her card, and she also loved walking around mangrove forests :).


in the Yaeyama Islands archipelago
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Thank you so much Tomoko for this beautiful card, I love the stamps and cancellations too!

source: Dolapo Falola
source: Dick Thomas Johnson


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