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168 la maddalena

A card from island called La Maddalena sent by my friend Magda, how great is that :)?

Although Magda shares her name with this island, it has actually not always been called La Maddalena. The Romans called the island Ilva, Fussa and Bucina, in the Middle Ages it was known as Bicinara, in the 16th century it got the name of Santa Maria Magdalena, and only after that - La Maddalena. Interestingly, the island has also its own Sardo-Corsican dialect known as Maddalenino.

The Maddalena Archipelago is located just 2 kilometres from Sardinia. Magda went on a sailing trip there, and the area was supposed to be full of dolphins (it is a part of national park), but at that time there were not too many of them. I am sure though the beautiful views and crystal-clear waters made it still an amazing holiday.

Thank you Magda for this beautiful card!

map source: etineris.net

la maddalena

biggest town
La Maddalena
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source: SantiMB.Photos
source: piermario


  1. Now I need to find an island called Eva... :P

    1. :D Here you go! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eva-Liv_Island
      But if you prefer a bit warmer climate, there's also an Eve island in Seychelles ;)

    2. I surely need to visit both!

  2. Wow! This is a beautiful island .It looks so beautiful and its beauty really attracts me so thanks a lot for sharing it and keep posting here. Catch you soon!



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