Hello, my name is Anna. This blog is about all the beautiful islands around the world.

The Project

I'm fascinated by islands and if it only was possible, I would visit all of them. I also love snail mail and postcrossing, and one day I just thought it would be amazing to exchange some mail with people from different islands all over the world.

My big dream is to receive a postcard (or anything else that can be sent) from every island that has a postbox! It may be a postcard or an envelope with something inside, like e.g. a leaf that you found, or a piece of wrap from your favourite candy, or a simple drawing that you made. Anything!

I would also love to get to know something about you and your island, what do you do? how is the weather? what is the view from your window? what do you like the most about your island?

Of course everything that you send will be kept here on this website, so that everyone can see how wonderful all those islands are!

If you live on an island, ANY island in the world, or maybe you are there on holidays, and would like to contribute to my project by sending me something from the island, please contact me by email first: letters.from.islands@gmail.com

I'd be also glad to send you something back, from where I am right now.

First postcard arrived on: 30th September 2014
Postcards received so far: 203


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My big dream is to receive postcards sent from every island in the world (at least those that have a postbox). If you would like to help me, please contact me at letters.from.islands@gmail.com.

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