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167 hornos island

This card has travelled from very very far away, from Cape Horn in the southern tip of Chile. As you can see, it was not sent from the island, but "posted at high sea" onboard the Selma Expeditions ship.

It was sent by mr Bruno Salcewicz, whose dream was to see Cape Horn. Some time ago I came across his crowdfunding project and I decided to contribute a small sum, and got this card in return. :) The island is best known for being the location of the already named Cape Horn - the southernmost part of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago and place where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans collide. Hornos island is often considered South America's southernmost island, but there are islands located even further south - the Diego Ramírez Islands.

There's a Chilean Navy station on the island, with a couple of buildings including a chapel and a lighthouse, and a memorial, with a sculpture of an albatross, in honour of the sailors who died while attempting to "round the Horn".

source: http://www.caphorniers.cl

hornos island

at the southern tip of South America
at the Chilean Navy station
postcard sent
distance travelled
sent from
posted at sea, near Cape Horn

source: Daniela Goulart
source: Wikimedia


  1. This is a wonderful postcard. The view, and the stamp: "posted at high sea", wow!
    I'm glad when you resume the blog. These postcards made me dream, as I wrote more than once :D

    1. I am so happy to hear that <3! Right now I can't travel anywhere, so for me it's also a great way to dream a bit, and plan some future adventures. :)



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