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166 curaçao

This next card has travelled from the island of Curaçao, which together with uninhabited Klein Curaçao makes up a country (Curaçao) in the southern Caribbean Sea, a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

For me this island is all about the colours! First of all I associate its name with the bright blue liqueur (and only now I realised that I've always read the name wrong, the pronounciation should be /ˈkʊrəsaʊ/ kur-ə-sow). Then there's of course the amazingly colourful Dutch-style houses in the capital's harbour. I must say that even with the colonial history of Curaçao, I actually did not expect to see such architecture on a carribean island, and when I first saw pictures from Willemstad it just seemed unreal! And then, it turns out that lots of houses on the island are not only unusually colourful on the outside, but also on the inside. Apparently many traditional homes have kitchens with red walls and white dots, to repel flies and mosquitoes. What a creative way to deal with bugs, isn't it?

The card was sent by Telenn, and as she wrote "Curaçao is very warm and dry. There are lots of cacti and lizards and the marine life is amazing" She saw a turtle swimming by already on her first day on the island, how cool! There's also a smaller uninhabited island nearby called Klein Curaçao, which Telenn was planning to visit after she sent the card, hope she liked it as well :)

I really love this card, what a beautiful map, big thanks to Telenn for helping with my project!<3


constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
in the Caribbean Sea
distance travelled
sent from

source: PROBabak Fakhamzadeh
source: Anyul Rivas


  1. Curaçao makes me also think of colours. Wow, that would do a wonderful trip...



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