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159 quadra island

Quadra Island is the largest and most populous of the Discovery Islands in Canada. It is located between Vancouver Island and the mainland coast of British Columbia. Island's website says "Quadra's people enjoy a rural lifestyle surrounded by breathtaking coastal scenery and a clean unspoilt environment. The First Nations residents and global migrants together create a harmonious community rich in art and culture."

Laura, who sent this card, stayed on the island in a First Nations run lodge. She says it was beautiful, right on the water and on an ancient archeology site, where Captain Vancouver landed in the late 1700s.

In the photo here you can see Mine lake at Quadra island. It says there that "the surrounding wilderness area of forests and lakes can be accessed by hiking trail, canoe and horseback. Preserved as park, the Main Lake chain will provide recreation and inspiration for generations to come". Thank you Laura for sending this card!

map source: wikipedia

quadra island

along the Inside Passage, BC
biggest town
Quathiaski Cove
postcard sent
distance travelled
sent from
Quadra island

source: Dan Clancy
source: David Stanley


  1. Śliczne masz te kartki :D
    Gdzie udaje Ci się zdobywać tak świetne pocztówki z wysp? Ja również kolekcjonuje wyspy, ale jak na razie idzie mi tak sobie :)

    zapraszam :)

  2. And from Greece to the other side of the world...
    Thanks for you interesting posts, Anna!

    1. :) I am sorry that I took me so long to post it!

  3. Piękna ta pocztówka, taka uspakajająca i wyciszająca. Taki sielski widoczek, że aż chciałabym tam pojechać :)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

    1. Ja też bardzo lubię takie scenerie i podejrzewam, że większość Kanadyjskich wysp ma takie uspokajające działanie ;)



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