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This next card has travelled from one of the most popular islands in Greece - Santorini. It was sent by my dear friend Yukina, while she was on her trip accross Europe.

Yukina really loved the island - as she wrote "it is beautiful, every building is cute, every view is great and all the food is delicious". She was also moved by the beautiful sunset over the town of Oia. "No island can be better than Santorini" she says!

Of course, I would love to visit Santorini one day too, but I also think I'll be pretty scared there. What you can't see on the most typical photos is how high up the towns are located, and how steep the roads leading to them are. The cliffs of Santorini are actually 300m high, and to get from the port to the villages on top you have to take a cable car or walk up 588 stairs!

Thank you Yukina for this beautiful card!


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source: Maggie Meng


  1. We avoided Santorini on purpose, because it is still more touristy (and our trip was on peak season; we cannot choose, nowadays). We stopped there with the boat that was leading us to Folegandros and saw a big crowd, from the port. So I'm not sure if I'm going to visit Santorini. At least, not in August! :P

  2. Słyszałam, że Santorini jest jednym z piękniejszych miejsc na naszej planecie i dlatego chciałabym kiedyś je zobaczyć. Myślę, że przypadłoby mi do gustu :) Wschody i zachody słońca wyglądają tam bajecznie! Piękna ta pocztówka, choć pewnie wolałabym układ poziomy.

    1. Ja też chętnie bym ją odwiedziła, aczkolwiek chętniej po sezonie, żeby choć trochę uniknąć tłumów :)

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