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160 saltspring island

Here's another Canadian card kindly sent by Laura.

It shows the Saltspring island and the Ganges town. As the card explains "Saltpring is a part of the Gulf Islands. The picturesque islands are situated in the Strait of Georgia which runs between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland. Ganges is the business centre for Saltspring Island." Laura added also that the town is build on top of a large archeological site inhabited by First Nations. Last summer there was a huge news story of a man, who wanted to build over a burial island, which is just outside the frame in this photo.

One of other interesting things I found out about the island, is that it has its own currency. The Salt Spring Dollar is issued to promote local history, art and goodwill. Each denomination consists of a world renowned Salt Spring artist’s work and it can be used at par with the Canadian dollar on the island. That's so cool!

map source: lonelyplanet

saltspring island

postcard sent
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Saltspring island

source: Mark Faviell
source: Mark Faviell


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