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156 milos

This is the last card sent by Eva from her holidays in the Cyclades islands in Greece. It is a recipe for a traditional dish of Milos island, Eva found it in one of the restaurants.

Eva mentioned a couple of times that the Greek food is delicious, it's not hard to believe. I have tried some here in Poland, but I guess it is nothing to compared to the dishes you get in Greece!

There are also plenty of articles listing the most popular Greek food, like this one with 20 dishes you should eat in Greece. It includes the well known gyros, moussaka and greek salad, there are also olives, octopus, feta cheese, honey & baklava, and lots of other delicious sounding dishes: dolmades - rice wrapped in grape leaves, Taramasalata - fish roe dip, Sfougata - fried cheese balls or Pies of Kythnos - pastry filled with a cheese and honey. I'm curious, Eva, have you tried them all :)?

If you can't read the recipe from the card, here it is:

Milo's Pitarakia - traditional cheesepies.

Dough: 1 1/2 kilos flour, olive oil, salt, water.
Filling: Halaka's fried cheese, 2 big onions, pepper.

Mix the ingredients of the dought and work with your hands. Roll and cut the dough sheet with a coffee saucer on round parts. We rub the cheese with grater and we cut the onion in small pieces. We drop the pepper and we mix again. We fill the flour (dough) sheets, we shut them with a fork and fry them in olive oil." Enjoy :)

Thank you again Eva for all the lovely cards!

source: Or Hiltch
source: ohhenry415


  1. I can say I've tried almost all of this. All except kebab (I've tried, but not in Greece) and the bonus (Pies of Kythnos). I'm not sure if I've tried Spanakopita of it was something similar. So, I took advantage of my time there! (Well, I've been twice in Greece, almost two months in total).
    Oh, the Greek food!

    1. Lucky you :) Greece is still on my travel wishlist, and I can't wait to try the real Greek food,too! :)



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