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155 naxos

Here is another card from Eva's greek holidays. This one is from the last island she and her husband visited - Naxos.

It is the largest of the Cyclades, much larger than the tiny Folegandros, so it must have been interesting to visit such a variety of places. And that's actually what Eva wrote on this card - that she is amazed by the big differences (historical, cultural, geological) between the islands. Naxos has a long and complex history, Eva says. It seems that every civilisation has been there! The card shows you "Portara", a gate to an ancient temple of the god Apollo (nowadays is a popular spot to watch the sunset).

One more interesting thing that Eva mentioned, is that you never feel alone while sailing among Cyclades, there is always an islands nearby. It seems like a wonderful holidays, thank you so much Eva for the time you took to send all those beautiful cards! :)

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in the Aegean Sea
biggest town
Naxos city
postcard sent
distance travelled

source: trevorklatko
source: Howard Chalkley


  1. Yes, there were so wonderful holidays. And these posts have brought so nice memories, thanks!

    1. maybe it's not that bad, that I posted them here so late ;)

    2. Not bad a t all, it's perfect :)



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