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Dear followers (and everyone who has sent a card to my project), I hope you all forgive me, that it takes so much time to post your cards here on the blog.

We've recently had a series of cards from Japan, and now I'd like to show you a couple of cards from Greece, sent by dear Eva from her island holidays last summer. The first island I'd like to show you is Folegandros. As Eva wrote, "the ancient writers described the island as iron-hard and acid." She says it's true, but at the same time is a very special place, with friendly people and delicious food. The island has also beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, and because of it - also a lot of tourists.

One of the southern Cyclades, Folegandros is only 32km2 and has around 600 inhabitants. The island's website describe it as a place that "has become fashionable, but it is still an untouched piece of true Greece. Because of the simple and relaxing atmosphere, it is often called the island of Peace."

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  1. Yes, I still want to go there during the winter. Even if I couldn't swim (or maybe yes, in a sunny day...).



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