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152 folegandros

Here is another card from Folegandros island, kindly sent by Eva.

I must say I really love this card. The photo is amazing and somehow says much more about the island than any typical tourist view. The author of this photo is Despina Spyrou, it is a part of "Folegandros: The minimum scale" photo series.

The author says on her page that "Folegandros is the minimum scale of life. The transformation of this scale to a touristic industry is the abuse of a delicate balance. To many Greek islands this balance is irreversibly disturbed. Now it is the Folegandros' turn to walk through this threshold".

I love the atmosphere on Despina's photos, on one hand we can see the glimpses of everyday life on the island, but on the other - they make us think about the influence the tourism has on small communities all over the world.

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  1. I didn't remember this postcard. I've clicked to the link, and all these pictures are amazing. I love the "other" point of view of the island from that artist.

    1. I am really happy you sent it, it's one of my favourite cards I've ever received :)
      And I am also happy I got to see the rest of the photos.

    2. I didn't remember the exact picture, but I remember when I found it: a tiny bookshop in the main square. I bought three postcards there, with three photographs of the same series.



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