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Next: Christiansø, a tiny island in Denmark, about 18 km from Bornholm.

It is the largest island of the Ertholmene archipelago, consisting of several islands and islets. They have only about 100 inhabitants, and there are about 80,000 tourists visiting them each year. The islands are also the easternmost point of Denmark, you can even see it on the postmark, which says "Denmark's easternmost post office" — how cool!

The island was named after King Christian V, and his old fortress has not changed much since it was built in 1684. As the tourism website advertises "Christiansø is a unique place. You can not find such a special group of islands anywhere else in Denmark. The islands have their own circadian rhythm and the rugged nature of the unique landscape offers an unrivalled experience, giving you a sense of the special atmosphere and peace."

This card was a surprise from Rebekka, who lives on Bornholm, and has already contributed to the project with a card from her home island and a map of Denmark. Thank you so much!


in the Baltic Sea
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source: Evgeny Tchebotarev
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