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134 saaremaa

Let's move back to Europe, to the largest island in Estonia.

Jalutaja, who helped me get this card, has a sister on Saaremaa island. "There is a belief" she says "of so much difference between Estonian mainlanders and islanders that my mother - who is from mainland Estonia - joked: I have two daughters, but neither married an Estonian - one married a Vietnamese and the other married an islander!" That's fascinating, I wonder if it's similiar in other countries, which have territories both on mainland and islands."

The building you see on the card is the Episcopal Castle, the only intact medieval fortress in the Baltic countries. Today it is a museum, where you can learn about the history of Kuressaare, explore the restored interior and even see some torture instruments and the dungeons!.

Thank you Jalutaja!

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  1. Dawno Cię tu nie było! Dobrze, że wróciłaś z nowym postem :)
    Nigdy nie słyszałam o tej wyspie, a jest tak blisko Polski i jeszcze na dodatek na Morzu Bałtyckim. Wstyd!



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