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130 kizhi

This time I'd like to show you two beautiful cards from the fascinating Kizhi island in Russia.

The island is located on the Lake Onega in the Republic of Karelia, not far from Finland. It is best known thanks to the Kizhi Pogost, a historical site dating from the 17th century, that includes a bell-tower and two wooden churches, Intercession Church and the impressive 22-dome Transfiguration Church. In 1990, it was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. These are however not the only buildings on the island, Kizhi and nearby areas form a national open-air museum, one of the first in Russia, with about 87 wooden constructions.

Taja, who sent this card, has visited the area a couple of times, because her grandmother lives not far from the island. There are similiar wooden churches in many villages in this region, she wrote, but not all of them are so well preserved as those on Kizhi island.

map source: Larry Koester


on the lake Onega
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Thank you Taja!

source: Larry Koester
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  1. Także mam pocztówkę przedstawiającą to miejsce i jeśli dobrze pamiętam była to moja pierwsza pocztówka z Rosji. Myślałam, że to taka grafika, która prezentuje coś, co było kiedyś, a potem okazało się, że takie budynki naprawdę istnieją i mają się dobrze :)

  2. What a beautiful island... I never saw an amazing island like this before :)



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