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131 guernsey

Since I started this project I've become more and more interested in various mail-related topics. That's why this next card is a very special piece in my collection, as it shows the oldest working pillar box in the British Isles.

The card tells a bit more about its history — "Guernsey's Number 1 box in Union Street was installed in 1853. It still stands in its original site, as designated by the novelist, Anthony Trollope, when he was Great Britain's postal surveyor for the area. The Union Street box is the only one in the island which is not painted in the Guernsey Post Office's usual Oxford blue. In honour of its status it retains its original maroon livery".

This also fits perfectly to my previous posts with stamps of Britain's pillar boxes, and cards about the UK's postal service.

Also, this is not the first card from Guernsey, remember the recipe for Gâche Melée?

Thank you so much Kathy!

map source: lonely planet


in the English Channel
St. Peter Port
postcard sent
distance travelled
~1615 km

source: Tim Jenkinson
source: Peter Cousins


  1. That is such a beautiful box! :D I wish to have a monument of it on my desk haha :D



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