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123 whidbey island

We're now moving to North America, to an island in the state of Washington.

As the card says, Whidbey is "the longest salt-water surrounded island in the continental United States, marking the northern edge of Puget Sound. The island has five state parks and recreation areas, two of which include historic forts and tourist centers".

Bryon, who sent this card, comes to Whidbey from time to time from the nearby Seattle. As he wrote, he enjoys lunches overlooking the water, and sometimes you can even see whales migrating by. (That sounds amazing!)

One way to explore the island is to drive along the Whidbey Scenic Isle Way, a designated road leading also to nearby Cascade islands. As the local website advertises: "drive it and you’ll get a camera full of postcard moments. Stop a few times and you’ll get a weekend or even a week worth of memories."

map source

whidbey island

in the Puget Sound
biggest town
Oak Harbor
postcard sent
distance travelled

Thank you Bryon for this beautiful card!

source: Pascal Walschots
source: hj_west


  1. Mam słabość do tych znaczków, ale jeszcze nie udało mi się upolować z nimi pocztówki. Są naprawdę piękne :)

  2. Poza piękną pocztówką, nadawca postarał się także o załączenie znaczka z Waszygtonem - na cześć którego nazwano ten stan.

    1. To prawda, nie wspomniałam o tym, bo już zabrakło mi miejsca, ale widzę że mam spostrzegawczych czytelników ;)



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