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124 hilbre island

We've already had here some Scottish islands, one in Wales, and now it's finally time for an English island!

Hilbre island is tiny and has no postbox, that's why John posted this card on mainland Britain nearby. As he wrote, the only dwelling on the island is of the nature ranger, but even he does not live there permanently as the condictions are rather spartan, without electricity or running water.

Once home to Benedictine monks, later a busy trading point and as the rumour says "favourite stop-off for smugglers in the 18th and 19th centuries", today the island is more famous for its wildlife. That's why even though there are no permament inhabitants, Hilbre has many summer visitors. When the tide is low it is possible to walk to the island, which takes about an hour, but as John reminds, it can be dangerous if you don't know the turns between the mud banks, and of course you need to plan your visit carefully to have enough time to leave the island before high water.

source: Colin Bell

hilbre island

in the estuary of the River Dee
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Thank you John!

source: Vincent Phillips
source: Rosalind Mitchell


  1. The picture of the whole island is amazing, as well as the postcard.
    We have not those extreme tidings in the Mediterranean Sea, so I am always a bit "scared" of them. I guess I will not walk to the island unless I knew I had plenty of time to come back!! :)

    1. I agree, I would be also afraid that the water will 'catch me'!

  2. Wow, ale genialne znaczki z mapkami! <3 bo to znaczki, prawda? Pierwszy raz coś takiego widzę, ale już wiem na co polować :D

    1. Tak, to znaczki. :) Mi też się ogromnie podobają, Brytyjskie znaczki (zwłaszcza te kwadratowe) to zdecydowanie jedne z moich ulubionych!



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