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121 sakhalin

I am happy to finally show you a card from Sakhalin, the first Russian island in the project!

It is the largest island in Russia, located between the Russian mainland and the Japanese island of Hokkaido. It is also known as Kuye - in Chinese, and Karafuto or Saharin in Japanese.

The landscape you see on the card is the area around Nogliki city in the northern part of the island. Anastasia, who sent this card, works there, and as she mentions, this area is rich in oil and gas, but also fish, berries, mushroom and wild animals — making it a perfect place for hunters. That's why it's also the only place where the Native people — Nivkhi and Aynu, still live. They have old houses, live in rather poor conditions and as Anastasia wrote, they "know nothing of modern life". I recommend reading more about them, for me the island and the people seem truly fascinating and I hope I'll be able to visit this region someday. Thank you so much Anastasia!

map of Sahkalin Province: russianlessons.net


in the North Pacific Ocean
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source: Erik
source: Austronesian Expeditions


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