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120 cape breton island

We're now moving a bit up to the north, to a Canadian island in the province of Nova Scotia.

Cape Breton is home to about 135,000 people of five different cultural groups — Mi'kmaq, Acadian, English, Irish and Scottish. Travelling around the island you'll most probably hear lots of Celtic music and Gaelic — it is in fact the only place in North America where this language is still spoken. In the centre of the island there is a scenic Bras d'Or Lake, which is known not only for its beauty, but also thanks to the famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell, who lived on the island and tested there some of his ideas, such as man-carrying kites, airplanes and hydrofoil boats.

This time the postcard advertises a local restaurant, Rusty Anchor, a "family friendly, ocean front dining nestled in the heart of Cape Breton Highlands National Park, on the world renowned Cabot Trail". The cancellation is also beautiful, although I was surprised to see Christmas wreath on a card sent in February.

map source: wikipedia

Cape Breton Island

largest settlement
Cape Breton Regional Municipality
postcard sent
distance travelled

Thank you Jack!

source: Rod Brazier
source: Dennis Jarvis


  1. śliczna kartka, znaczki bardzo mi się podobają :)



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