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114 malé

The first postcard from Maldives! It has travelled so long I even thought it was lost, but as it turned out, the card just went on its own “island trip” before landing in my mailbox.

Stanislav, who was on holidays on the North Malé Atoll, accidentally put my card into an envelope going to Japan. Luckily, the person who got it was so kind to send it back to me, as my address was already on the card.

Maldives consists of 1,192 coral islands grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls. Most of them rise less than one metre above sea level, which makes Maldives the lowest country in the world. Unfortunately, this also means that with climate change and rising waters, the islands may disappear one day.

When people think of Maldives they usually imagine pristine beaches with turquoise water, just like the one on the card (which is Dhunikolhu island). Interestingly, the island of Malé is far from it. The city is incredibly crowded, and the skyline is full of high-rise buildings, which creates such a huge contrast to the other islands.

map source: wikipedia


Republic of Maldives
in the Indian Ocean/Arabian Sea
postcard received
distance travelled
~7101km / ~16,000 incl. Japan
sent from

source: Mark Fischer
source: KIHONG KIM


  1. That was a real mail adventure!

    1. It was indeed :) I don't mind postcards travelling a bit more, and I actually hope I'll one day receive a card with a stamp saying "missent to ..." :)

    2. I have had some. I remeber these:



    3. Lucky you, and lucky travelling cards ;)!

  2. kartka z przygodami można powiedzieć. ;) to cudowne, że ta osoba z Japonii wysłała Ci kartkę - mogła ją sobie zatrzymać albo po prostu zignorować.
    pocztówka jest cudowna!

    1. Tak, jestem jej bardzo wdzięczna, jak widać jest trochę dobrych ludzi dookoła :)

  3. Dobrze, że tak wyjątkowa i piękna pocztówka do Ciebie dotarła :) Ten widok jest niesamowity, ale co się dziwić, skoro Malediwy to naprawdę raj na ziemi, sądząc po tych wszystkich zdjęciach umieszczanych na różnych stronach internetowych. Huśtawki czy hamaki umieszczone bezpośrednio w wodzie - żyć, nie umierać :)



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