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115 labuan

This next card was sent from Labuan, a small island off the coast of Borneo.

It is often referred to as the pearl of Borneo. Bei Hao, who sent the card, mentioned that Labuan is small and peaceful, but that sometimes it's a bit boring too. There is a marine park and several beaches, where people can spend their free time; most popular activities are of course watersports, but not surfing, because as the card explains, the waves at Labuan are too small. To find some more fun activities, many people travel to nearby Kota Kinabalu, a city in Sabah, Borneo.

The island is also an International Business and Financial Centre, and a tax free zone, which draws large numbers of visitors to the island. When they're done shopping they can enjoy sightseeing on the island, or explore one of six smaller islets that surround Labuan.

The mysterious chimney that you can see on the card, is the main historical landmark on the island, but as Bei Hao wrote "no one actually knows why it was built". I found only a brief information that it was a part of an old Royal Navy coaling station in Labuan.

Thank you Bei Hao!

map source: wikipedia


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  1. It's an original postcard.

    1. It is, it's definitely not a "typical island view".
      and I really love the stamp!



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