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113 tasmania

As probably many other people, I first heard the name of this island while watching the Looney Tunes cartoons. The tasmanian devil was a wild, crazy character, but he also brought a lot of attention to his home island. The real animal, looking actually much cuter than the cartoon one, can be found only on Tasmania, and is a symbol of the island.

Tasmania is named after Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, the first European who saw the island, in 1642. Apart from being often called Tas or Tassie, the island has also a few interesting nicknames: The Island of Inspiration, Holiday Isle and The Apple Isle. The last one can be explained by the large production of many different kinds of apples on Tasmania.

As you can see the card was sent from Hobart, Tasmania's capital. It is where Australia's first casino was built, it has Australia's oldest operative live theatre - The Theatre Royal and it's also home to Australia's oldest brewery, the Cascade brewery.

The mountain that you can see on the postcard is Mt Wellington. Andrea, who wrote the card, says that the view from the top is amazing, and I am sure it's true! She also mentioned that the city sits on the Derwent River, and you can see about 40 kilometres up/down the river from the mountain. Impressive!

Thank you Andrea!


240 km south of the Australian mainland
biggest town
postcard sent
distance travelled
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source: Duncan Rawlinson
source: Duncan Rawlinson


  1. This is a beautiful postcard (and a funny way to stick the stamp!). I'm afraid you're right with the first sentence :)

  2. Bardzo podoba mi się ta pocztówka, szkoda że do mnie nie dotarły kartki od osoby z Tasmanii, z którą się umówiłam :( może były równie ładne, nawet wolę o tym nie myśleć.

    1. może jeszcze dotrą? kartki czasem lubią zatrzymać się gdzieś w podróży



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