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112 grand turk

This next card was kindly sent by Hallie, who visited the beautiful Turks and Caicos islands while she was on a Caribbean cruise in the beginning of this year.

It is a British Overseas Territory, consisting of the larger Caicos and smaller Turks islands. The two groups are separated by the Turks Passage, which is over 2,200 m deep! Grand Turk is only 18 km2, but it is actually the largest of all Turks islands. It was first colonised in 1681 by Bermudians, and in 1766 it became the capital of the country.

If you arrive to Grand Turk by plane, you will have a chance to see a replica of Friendship 7 Mercury spacecraft in front of the airport. That's because in 1962 the spacecraft landed just by the island's coast, after orbiting the Earth three times.

** This card has also visited the island of Providenciales in the Caicos archipelago, as it is where the main post office is, and all postcards must go through there :)

map source: ReefNews

grand turk

TCI (British Overseas Territory)
in the Caribbean
biggest town
Cockburn Town
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled
sent from
Grand Turk

Thank you Hallie!

source: James Willamor
source: James Willamor


  1. Gratuluję pocztówki z tych pięknych wysp, które ostatnio podbiły moje serce! :)
    Co do zdjęć, to uwielbiam takie drogowskazy i bardzo lubię pocztówki, które je przedstawiają. Niby nic takiego, ale i tak przyciągają zawsze mój wzrok :)



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