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111 ischia

We're now moving to Italy, to the island called Ischia.

It is a volcanic island about 30 kilometres from the city of Naples. It is almost entirely mountainous, the highest peak is Mount Epomeo at 788 metres. Because of its volcanic activity, most tourist visit Ischia to enjoy thermal spas with plenty of hot springs and volcanic mud. But those who prefer historic monuments than relaxing baths, will not be disappointed either. On a small rocky islet just by the coast of Ischia there is an impressive medieval Aragonese Castle. Built in 474 BC, it was once home to about 2000 families. If you'd like to have a look inside, you have to cross a 220 metres long stone bridge and then go through a tunnel.

Ischia's current name was first mentioned in a letter from Pope Leo III to Charlemagne in 813. "Iscla", which appeared in the letter, might have been derived from "insula" (island) or Semitic "I-schra" meaning "black island". Interestingly, nowadays it is often called "the green island" because of its rich vegetation.

The Romans called it Aenaria, the Greeks, Pithekoūsai. Both those names seem to derive from words for monkey (arimos & píthēkos), which might suggest that the island was just like Gibraltar, home to a large group of monkeys. There are however no records of such 'inhabitants' of this island.


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Thank you Roberto!

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  1. i've never heard of this island in italy before. looks like a peaceful place. beautiful island

    1. Me neither, actually this project is like a really good geography lesson for me :)
      (and it's also a big source of travel inspiration, I can't wait to visit some of those places and see how they really are)

  2. Nie słyszałam wcześniej o tej wyspie, ale muszę przyznać, że udało Ci się zdobyć wręcz niebiańską pocztówkę. Z włoskich wysp odwiedziłam Sycylię i Vulcano, jedną z Wysp Liparyjskich. :)

    1. Pozazdrościć, sama jeszcze na żadnych włoskich wyspach nie byłam :)



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