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101 windley key & indian key

This next lovely card was sent by Hallie, who visited Florida Keys before going on a cruise.

Hallie found this card on Windley island, at the Fossil Reef Geological State Park, but it's showing another small island - Indian Key. They are both part of Florida's Islamorada - Village of Islands.

Both islands popular among tourists - Windley Key is larger, crossed by the Overseas Highway (U.S. 1), and it's probably best known thanks to the marine mammal park called Theater of the Sea. Indian Key on the other hand is a small island, a few hundred yards southeast of the Highway. It was inhabited by a few families until around 1880, but today it's just an abandoned "ghost town".

Thank you Hallie!

map source: wikipedia

windley & indian keys

in the Florida keys archipelago
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source: Bound2Paddle.com
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