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100 oma

I am happy to present the first Norwegian island in the project!

Oma island (Omaholmen), also called Island of Calm, is a mysterious tiny place in the Hardangerfjord. Mysterious, because even though there is plenty of pictures showing its beauty, I did not manage to find any further information about it. But that may be a good sign, it seems to be a truly calm place, not spoiled by curious tourists.

The fjord itself is 179km long (it is the third longest fjord in the world). You can see its location on the map in the back of the card. The main part of the fjord is 2-10km wide, and the deepest part measures 852m.

Thank you Ann Britt for this beautiful card!


in the Hardangerfjord
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source: Lars Kristian Kvåle
source: Adversphoto


  1. That is the cutest island I think I've ever seen!!

  2. What a beauty!
    Congratulations for your 100th postcard :)

    1. Thank you, although it's not exactly the 100th, it's more now, sometimes there were a few cards that I published together in one post,
      so it's just a 100th post :) But anyway, I am really glad I reached this number!

  3. Ta pocztówka, jak i sama wyspa jest nieziemska! Piękna kartka :)



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