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102 saint lucia

Another card sent by Zosia, one of the most active contributors to my project. I have already shown you her cards from Martinique and Dominica - and there are more islands she visited! :)

Zosia spent last Christmas on Saint Lucia, which as she wrote was a rather weird experience, lacking the atmosphere she knew from home. The island also feels different than its neighbours; as Zosia described - St Lucia is more touristic than Dominica, and more 'Carribean' than Martinique.

The view on the postcard is from the Marigot Bay, a historic landmark, site of several battles between the French and British navies, but also a setting for a film adaptation of Doctor Dolittle books. Nowadays, as Zosia wrote, it is rather a place for the "rich and beautiful", but those travelling on a student's budget can also enjoy it there, relaxing on the beach and admiring beautiful yachts and sailboats.

saint lucia

Saint Lucia
in the Caribbean Sea
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Marigot Bay

Thank you dear Zosia!

source: jerry dohnal
source: Mathieu Goubert


  1. Bardzo ładna pocztówka, podoba mi się taki widok :) Mam słabość do palm na pocztówkach :)



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