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103 great britain

Finally, a card from Great Britain!

It is the largest island in Europe, and the largest of the British Isles. Its biggest neighbour is Ireland, but there are also over 1,000 smaller islands surrounding it. If you would like to know more about at least some of them, be sure to visit the blog "A lifetime of islands". Its owner has a (fantastic) goal to visit as many of the British Isles as possible, and there are already over 270 posts describing different tiny islands around Britain!

This beautiful map was a surprise from John, and I couldn't ask for a better first card from Great Britain! It is difficult to write only a few sentences about such big and diverse place, so a map showing all the most popular attractions of each region is a nice "introduction". Hopefully there will be more British cards in my project, telling us a bit more about life in different corners of this big island.

Thank you so much John!

great britain

in the North Atlantic
largest city
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled
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* I am also a big fan of British stamps, and I really love these John used here on the card. The old pillar and wall boxes are fascinating, soon I will show you one more special mailbox from the British Isles!

source: me
source: Marta Duszynska


  1. Przeurocze znaczki <3
    Sama mapka też niezła, nie spotkałam się jeszcze z taką :)

    1. Byłoby super, gdyby każdy kraj miał taką mapkę z najbardziej znanymi rzeczami :)

  2. Background fits the postcard beautifully. ��

  3. It's a pleasure - I am so enjoying your search.

  4. It's a very good choice. The stamps are superb!

    I'm enjoying now 'A lifetime of islands', thanks for the link.

    1. You're welcome :) I found this blog by accident, looking for some holiday inspirations,
      and I really love it, it's such a great project, I wish I could also visit all those islands!

  5. This postcard shows not only Great Britain, but also Ireland. So it's from British Isles:)

    1. That's of course true, but it was sent from Great Britain, that's why I've focused only on this one island :)



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