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99 martinique

Remember the first card from Martinique?

A few weeks later I found this special card in my mailbox, also kindly sent by Zosia. Well, it is not exactly a card, it is actually an old Rhum etiquette, placed on a wooden plate, how cool!

As Zosia wrote, this is an old kind of etiquette, today they are more 'neutral', usually only with the sign od distillery (like e.g. a windmill or a colonial house).

If you ever travel to Martinique and would like to know more about rhum, you should visit a former distillery which has been converted into a tourist information centre and museum of Martinique rhum agricole. There are tours presenting the various stages of rhum production, which of course end with a tasting of different kinds of Trois Rivières rhums.

Which rhum is the best? Zosia recommends Clement's rhum, also because of its beautiful etiquettes.

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  1. Pierwsza podobała mi się bardziej, ale ta jest niewątpliwie związana z tą wyspą :D
    U mnie też niedługo pocztówki z Martyniki :)



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