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98 long island

Another lovely card from New York, this time sent from Long Island, large island stretching from NY Harbor into the Atlantic Ocean. It's where Brooklyn and Queens boroughs are located, but for those living in NYC the name "Long Island" refers usually only to the suburban Nassau and Suffolk counties.

On the back of the card I found not only the interesting stamps, but also a beautiful poem:

"All the envelopes on the desk are bleaching quietly, swallowing their own addresses, forgetting where they came from. At night they fly out the windows, circle the house and scoot back in through the louvres. That's why they're lying in a pile when we wake up. It's hard to remember the big land connected to other land. It's hard to remember who wrote this, if anyone answered. See that little sail way off the line where the sea and sky get together? It's a letter. It's to all of us. That's the happiest line in the world."

Island, by Naomi Shihab Nye.

long island

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Queens, NY

source: Anthony Catalano
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  1. I love the poem.
    I guess Long Island, despite the name, isn't the first island we think about when we think abut islands...

    1. true, that's interesting that even though there are some really large and crowded islands,
      when we hear the word we usually think about those tiny or remote ones :)

  2. To chyba najgęściej zaludniona wyspa na świecie. Moją uwagę zwróciły użyte znaczki ONZ zamiast amerykańskich.

    1. Nigdy wcześniej takich nie dostałam,
      też byłam zaskoczona! :)

  3. Świetne ujęcie! Ostatnio widziałam podobną na którymś blogu, a ja nie mam jeszcze żadnej kartki z Nowego Jorku :D znaczki faktycznie zaskakujące!



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