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97 panay

Next islands in the Philippines - Panay.

The card shows the Dinagyang Festival in the largest city on the island, Iloilo. It is a three day event held every fourth week of January, celebrating the arrival of Malay settlers on Panay, and also honouring the Santo Niño (the infant Jesus statue that I've already mentioned describing Cebu). The main part of the festival consists of tribes dancing to drum music, and as you can see on the card everyone is dressed in traditional colourful costumes.

Chloe, who sent the card, mentioned that the island has one of the loveliest beaches in the country. Interesting is also the Panay Church (Santa Monica Parish Church), which is home to the largest church bell in Asia (and the third biggest in the world).

On the large stamp you can see Teresita Reyes, better known as Mama Sita, famous chef, cookbook writer and the founder of large food company in Manila.


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Thank you Chloe!

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