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96 cebu

This next card has travelled from Cebu, the 9th largest island in the Philippines.

It shows some of the famous sites on the island: the Dagute beach, Kawasan Falls in the middle of Matutingo Mountains, Taoist temple in Cebu city, and the Cebu cathedral - one of the Cebu's oldest churches.

Chloe, who sent this card lives in the main city on the island - Cebu, which is actually the oldest city in Philippines. In 1565 it became the first Spanish colony in Philippines, named Villa de San Miguel de Cebú, but it was first visited by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.

As a symbol of peace and friendship between the Spaniards and the Cebuanos, he gave the native queen of Cebu the The Santo Niño, a statue of the infant Child Jesus. Many Filipino Catholics consider the statue to be miraculous, today it can be seen in a chapel at the Basílica Menor del Santo Niño.


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Metro Cebu
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Thank you Chloe!

source: storm-crypt
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