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95 sanxiantai

Here's another card from Taiwan in my project!

Sanxiantai (also called Sansiantai) is an area on the coast of Taitung County in Taiwan. It is popular among tourists who come to visit its ten kilometers long beach and several smaller islands, but what attracts them the most is probably the footbridge that you can see on this postcard. The bridge is called The Eight Leaped Bridge, and its arches are supposed to resemble a dragon of Chinese legends.

Interesting is also the name of the island, which can be translated as Terrace of the Three Immortals. According to myths, the three large rocks making up the island are China's Eight Immortals who once chose the island for a place to rest.

You can read more about the island and the bridge here.

Thank you Wan-Ju Su!


Taiwan (R.O.C.)
on the coast of Taitung
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source: Victor B
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  1. I've looked at the pictures in the link... this bridge is amazing!



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