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94 hong island

Another island in Thailand!

Hong island is located in the Krabi region, named the best beach destination in Thailand for 2 years in a row by TripAdvisor readers. Koh Hong, together with three neighbouring small islands - Koh Lahding, Koh Pakbia and Koh Rai are considered to be one of the most beautiful in Krabi province.

Hong island is uninhabited, "except for the birds, white-faced gibbons and giant monitor lizards that can be often spotted on the main white sand beach", as we can read on the Krabi website. Island's name means chamber, which refers to Hong's large inner lagoon, with crystal clear shallow waters, accessible by kayak or boat through a stunning cliff passage. The lagoon is not visible here on the postcard, but if you look up the island on googlemaps, you'll see it clearly.

Thank you Stanislav!

koh hong

in the Andaman Sea
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  1. I just love this card, and also the left stamp <3

    1. yes, this stamp is simply amazing! :)

  2. Znaczek po lewej stronie jest niesamowity :) pocztówkowy widok też mi się podoba :)



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