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80 elbinsel wilhelmsburg

This card is from an island that I visited last summer. It is a part of Hamburg, Germany, and although it is usually not on a tourist's map of Hamburg city centre, it is really a cool place to visit.

The island consists of quarters called Wilhelmsburg, Steinwerder, Veddel and Kleiner Grasbrook (all of them are actually separate islands too). They are all located between the branches of the Elbe river, and that's how the island got its name - Elbinsel - Island on the Elbe. The name Wilhelmsburg was given after Duke George William, who connected those islets by building dams.

The island is of course connected to Hamburg city centre by many bridges, but there is also an interesting Old Elbe Tunnel, that connects a popular district St. Pauli to island's port areas. I recommend having a walk there, it is really a unique place, and sometimes there are even cultural events held inside. (But there are also lots fun things happening "on the ground", like e.g. a music festival MS Dockville organised every summer).

elbinsel wilhelmsburg

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This is the first river island in my project. Even though in the beginning I was not planning on including any river (or lake) islands in my collection, now I don't want to put such limits here, there are so many interesting places that I am happy to learn about :).

Thank you Joe!

source: Glyn Lowe
source: Urban Explorer Hamburg


  1. I love the postcard. It seems that this couple is having a great time!



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