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68 suðuroy, faroe islands

Second of the Faroe Islands in the project, Suðuroy!

It is the is the southernmost of the archipelago, about 2 hours by ferry from the capital. There are also many tiny islets around Suðuroy, which makes this route especially scenic. The island has about 5000 inhabitants, living in 15 villages.

The postcard shows a village called Hvalba, located in the northern part of the island, by a deep inlet called Hvalbiarfjørður, which nearly splits Suðuroy into two parts. From the village you can get a perfect view of the Lítla Dímun, the only uninhabited island in the Faroes. Hvalba and the other settlements have also a history of pirates bothering the people in the 17th century, when the North-African ships attacked the village, and even took 30 women and children to Africa to be sold as slaves. The pirating stopped only after the Danish government send a ship to guard the Faroe Islands.

Thank you Sára for this beautiful card!


Faroe islands, sov. state of Denmark
between Norwegian Sea and Atlantic Ocean
biggest town
* This card was actually sent from Streymoy. Usually it is more important for me where the card has travelled from, not what it is showing, but in this case I prepared this post about the island shown on the card, because I also got another one with the opposite situation (showing Streymoy, sent from Suðuroy) - what a coincidence! :)
postcard received
distance travelled
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source: Arne List
source: Erik Christensen


  1. Zazdroszczę, zazdroszczę, zazdroszczę! Mam tą pocztówkę w ulubionych! Ale z Ciebie szczęściara! No nawet nie wiem co napisać :D Kartka jest piękna, a Tobie gratuluję :)

    1. Jeśli pojadę tam szybciej niż uda Ci się ją zdobyć,
      to obiecuję Ci taką też wysłać :)!



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