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Next: Sri Lanka, island of many names. The ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’, ‘teardrop of India’, Lanka, Sinhala, Taprobane, Serendib or Ceylon - used when the island was a British crown colony.

The last two names are especially interesting. The Persian name Serendib meaning “island of gems” was an inspiration for the word serendipity, describing a feeling of a pleasant surprise, when you discover something unexpected while looking for something else.

And Ceylon, which must sound familiar, at least for those of you who - just as me - love tea. Sri Lanka is the world's fourth largest producer of tea, with Ceylon black tea as one of the country's specialities. Tea produced in Sri Lanka should always have the traditional "Lion Logo" on its packages, there is even a special Sri Lanka Tea Board that ensures that only the original tea produced on the island receives this logo. Read more, not only about island's tea, on srilanka.travel.

map source: wikipedia

sri lanka

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
off the coast of South India
biggest city
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled

source: Fabien Fivaz
source: Malcolm Browne


  1. Sri Lanka to ta wyspa, z której mam hmm dwa listy, jakieś słodycze, bransoletkę, a nie mam najważniejszej rzeczy, czyli pocztówki, bo adresat zapomniał ją włożyć do środka...
    Twoje pocztówki są piękne - intensywne kolory, białe ramki i napis, a do tego świetne widoki :)

  2. These postcards and stamps are really beautiful. As a tea lover, I especially like the fields of tea, of course! a friend of mine was there and brought me some delicious tea (also sent me two postcards, yippee!).



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