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66 barbados

This time I will tell you about the next island not with help of a card, but stamps. Barbados has been recently trying to increase the interest in cultural history, by creating many new stamps, and here you have a chance to see some of them.

The word Barbados means "the bearded ones", which most probably refers to the long, hanging roots of the bearded fig-tree, characteristic for the island. Other popular plants, as you can see on the stamps, are Mammey apple and Coconut.

On the other stamps there is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge during her wedding, the Clocktower in the University of the West Indies campus at Cave Hill (now celebrating its 50th Anniversary), and the Cove Bay - a beautiful place on the northern coast of Barbados, where you can listen to waves crashing against high cliffs. It is a bit difficult to reach, which makes it perfect for those who are looking for some uncrowded and quiet spots on the island.

On the envelope you can see a stamp commemorating the 375th anniversary of Parliament - Barbados is the 3rd oldest Parliamentary democracy in the Commonwealth (right after England and Bermuda). Next to it, there is stamp of the 100th anniversary of Panama Canal, which is important for the island, since about 50,000 Barbadians migrated to Panama to work on the Canal.

There is also a brochure of Barbados Wildlife Reserve, a popular tourist attraction. Big thanks to Seandel for telling me a bit about Barbados!


in the Caribbean Sea
biggest town
distance travelled

source: Jack Kennard
source: Gouldy


  1. Niektóre znaczki faktycznie bardzo interesujące :) Te z motywem roślinnym szczególnie przypadły mi do gustu. Rezerwat genialny, chciałoby się odwiedzić takie miejsce.

  2. Znaczki są świetne - interesujące i o różnorodnej tematyce. Każdy znajdzie tu coś dla siebie. Mi przypadł do gustu ten za 65c.



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