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65 mauritius

This beautiful card has travelled from Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean, where my friends were lucky to spend their holidays. :)

Mauritius is located about 170 km from Réunion (the first island in this project, remember? :)). The country, Republic of Mauritius, includes also a few other islands: Rodrigues, Agalega, and the archipelago of Saint Brandon.

First people who arrived in Mauritius were Arab sailors, who named it then 'Dina Arobi'; the name 'Mauritius' was given by the Dutch travellers in 1598. Today, the island is multiethnic and multicultural, with no official language - the most common ones are Mauritian creole, English and French.

For many years Mauritius was also (the only) home of the Dodo bird, which became extinct around 1662. If you have read or seen Alice in Wonderland, you know how those birds looked like :)

map source: wikipedia


Republic of Mauritius
in the Indian Ocean
Port Louis
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MRU airport

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  1. When I was a child I read a comic of "Douwe Dabbert" in which he found the last surviving dodo. This story always impressed me, but I have never linked it to Mauritius... :)

    All your postcards made me jealous!

    1. No, no, I don't want any jealousy here ;)!
      Those cards are supposed to bring you only positive feelings, not jealousy ;)!

    2. Oh no, don't worry! The "jealousy" inspires me! I thinking of travelling to an island next summer, and I have made a mail art postcard with a dodo for a birdlover friend... :D

  2. Górny widok na pocztówce - żyć, nie umierać. Nie dziwię się, że ktoś wybiera takie miejsce, aby wybrać się tam na urlop :)



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