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64 kauaʻi

One more Hawaiian island - Kauaʻi. I got all of those Hawaiian cards the same day, which was a nice surprise.

This card was sent by Michelle, who has just recently moved to this island (which she described as a Big change). Kauaʻi is the fourth biggest island of Hawaii and the oldest inhabited one. Its population is quite small, about 70,000 people, and as Michelle wrote, "they miss big city life". On the other hand, she says, Kauaʻi is stunningly beautiful.

Map on the previous card recommends visiting two places on the island - Nā Pali Coast State Park and Hanalei valley. The first one is especially popular thanks to the impressive "na pali" - high cliffs, that rise as much as 1,200m above the ocean. Hanalei Valley, on the other hand, is one of the most photographed places in all Hawaii, with beautiful waterfalls, rainbows and fields of taro plant. The island is also home to thousands of wild chickens, which were first brought there by original Polynesian settlers.


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If you'd like to learn more, visit gohawaii.com.

source: Christian Arballo
source: Micah Camara


  1. Także dotarła do mnie przesyłka z tych pięknych wysp, jednak Twoje kartki podobają mi się bardziej, bo są z napisami skąd przybyły i do tego wypisane ze znaczkami. No cóż, będę musiała za jakiś czas znów umówić się na wymianę :p

    1. Wydaje mi się, że na Hawajach jest sporo miłych postcrosserów,
      powinnaś szybko dostać wymarzone kartki :)



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