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60 manhattan

There are many tiny islands, calm and secluded, with only few inhabitants. And then there are places like Manhattan, which is still an island, but also a busy and crowded place, in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

New York is on top of my travel wishlist, that's why I was especially happy to receive such amazing card that once was just in the middle of this city. Written in an amazing calligraphy, I can read that "even the sidewalks feel full of fairy dust"! That sounds just amazing and makes me want to visit NY even more.

NYC consists of three main islands, Manhattan, Long island and Staten island, and 28 smaller ones. This beautiful card shows you not only Manhattan (in the background) but also Liberty island with the famous Statue of Liberty, and Ellis island, which was the gateway for millions of immigrants to the US between 1892 and 1954.

There is so much that can be said about Manhattan, I will not try to squeeze it in a few paragraphs here. But I have received more postcards from New York, so in the next few weeks you will see a bit more of this fascinating city and its islands :)


between East, Hudson, and Harlem Rivers
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled

source: Alan Grinberg
source: Michael McDonough


  1. This is a wonderful picture. And the calligraphy... wow!
    Certainly Manhattan isn't the first place that we think of when we hear the word "island". Me too, I would like to visit this city one day.

  2. Niesamowite ujęcie, bardzo mi się podoba :) I do tego nazwa miasta, jak dla mnie cudeńko. Tym bardziej, że nie mam żadnej kartki z Nowego Jorku ;/



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