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61 hawaiian islands

Aloha everyone!

We are still in United States, but a bit further away from the mainland. This beautiful map card was sent from Oʻahu island, but I'd like to tell you first a bit about the whole archipelago.

As you can see there are 8 major islands, but the archipelago consists of over 150 islands and islets (most of which are unihabited). They are all peaks of the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain, a great mountain range containing over 80 undersea volcanoes!

Islands were first visited by James Cook in 1778 and named the "Sandwich Islands" (in honor of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich), which lasted until 1840s, when local name "Hawaii" became more popular. The main islands have also interesting nicknames: the Big Island, the Gathering Place, the Garden Isle, the Friendly Isle, the Pineapple Isle, the Forbidden Isle and the Target Isle. Can you guess which is which ;)?

Hawaiian Islands

in the North Pacific Ocean
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If you love the calligraphy on this card just as I do, and would like to see a bit more, visit: seeyouinletters.tumblr.com.

source: Teymur Madjderey
source: Pet_r


  1. Ciekawa pocztówka-mapka. Lubię takie kartki. Fajnie było by zgromadzić kolekcję mapcards ze wszystkich wysp, o ile zostały wydane:)

    1. oj tak, też chciałabym mieć taką kolekcję :)

      Hawaje mają akurat kilka takich pięknych map,
      postaram się jeszcze zdobyć resztę ;)

  2. Ale masz ładną kolekcję. Hawaje faktycznie mają bardzo ciekawe map cards :)



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