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And we're in Europe again. This next beautiful postcard was sent by Ana, who lives on Mallorca (although she is from another Balearic island - Ibiza). It shows Porto Colom in the south east of the island, and as Ana wrote on the card, it is one of the nicest parts of Mallorca :).

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic islands, with the area of 3600 km². Most people come for the sandy beaches, but there is much more to do on the island.

Summer months are busy with festival and musical events, such as the festival of Sant Joan, when bonfires are lit, the Festival of Sant Pere, the patron saint of fishermen, or “La Festa de les Llanternes” during Sant Bartolomé Day, when children walk around with lanterns made with watermelons and sing traditional Mallorcan songs. It's also a dream destination for classical music or jazz lovers, who can visit e.g. the Chopin Festival of Valldemossa or Jazz Voyeur Festival.

Visit seemallorca.com for a full list of events.

map source: wikipedia


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source: Nathan Congleton


  1. Mallorca is my dreamed island. I lived there for almost six years, and sometimes I still miss the island. Very nice postcard, indeed!



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