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57 xiamen

Next on my list is Xiamen, a small island-city in China, located close to Taiwan.

The first card showing Xiamen arrived long time ago, in November. It is a beautifully colourful drawing, showing a part of the island's coast. Nan Zhao, who sent it, mentioned that Xiamen is an expecially great place to buy such unique cards, since there are many artists on this small island.

The second card, sent directly from the island of Xiamen, arrived yesterday, and as we can clearly see its journey was long and difficult. Part of the card is damaged (probably because it's wider than other cards), and the stamp is missing. That's a pity, since Chinese stamps are always so beautiful. This second card was issued by Xiamen university, which is known for its beautiful campus with old traditional buildings and a lake.

The island (and the city) are popular among tourists, a beautiful botanical garden and a Buddhist Nanputuo Temple are located there. Many tourists visit also a nearby Gulangyu island or the small Kinmen islands that belong to Taiwan.

Island's first name was Jiahe-Yu (Ka-hô-sū), until 1387, when the Ming Dynasty General Zhou Dexing built the "Xiamen Castle" there. In 2006, the city got the title of "most suitable city for living" in China, and five years later, in 2011 it was called China's "most romantic leisure city". If you'd like to know more, have a look here.

Big thanks to Nan Zhao and Hanna for those great cards!


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source: Raffaele Nicolussi
source: Lota Constantino-Kawazoe


  1. It's a pity that the postcard was damaged in way. But still they are both beautiful cards!

    1. that's true,
      and still - better damaged than lost!

  2. Chyba zmienił się układ na Twoim blogu, prawda? W sumie tak też jest ciekawie. Niektóre pocztówki z Tajwanu są bardzo pomysłowe i indywidualne, co widać nawet po tej Twojej kartce, któą otrzymałaś ;) Pozdrawiam!
    U mnie na blogu pocztówka z wysp, więc coś dla Ciebie ;p

    1. już zajrzałam :)!

      układ bloga nie był zmieniany, przynajmniej nic mi o tym nie wiadomo ;)
      ale jeśli czytasz go na wąskim ekranie, to tekst będzie wyświetlał się pod zdjęciami.



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