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56 south island (te waipounamu), nz

Kia Ora! (That's what you would here as 'Hello' in New Zealand :)) I've already shown you a card from the North Island of New Zealand, now it's time for Te Waipounamu - South Island.

The photo on this card shows Lake Tekapo, and on the stamp you can see Tongariro National Park (located on the North Island), with characteristic mountains and sulphur lakes.

South island is larger than the North Island, however - it is home to only about 23% of NZ population. Island's official Māori name, Te Waipounamu, can be translated as "the water of greenstone", but there is also another name of this place: Te Waka a Māui - The canoe of Māui. Who was Māui and what is the origin of this name? Have a look into the fascinating mythology and find out! And if you'd like to know more about sights and activities on the South Island, visit this website.

Thank you Sofia for this beautiful card!

south island (te waipounamu)

New Zealand
in the Pacific Ocean
biggest town
postcard received
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source: Reto Fetz
source: PATARIKA


  1. thank you for posting my postcard.
    I also mentioned it in my blog: http://whynotpourquoipas.blogspot.pt/2015/01/postais-das-ferias.html
    good luck for your project.
    big hug
    :) Sofia

    1. thank you for contributing to the project :)!

  2. Replies
    1. yes :) New Zealand seems to be a place with thousands of amazing views!



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