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46 vancouver island

As you can see, this next card is from Vancouver island, the largest island on the West Coast of North America.

Brittany, who was so kind to sent this card, shared also some facts about the island: it has 759,366 inhabitants, an area of 31,285 km2 and it's where the capital of British Columbia, Victoria, is located. (note that the city of Vancouver is actually on the mainlaind!). It's also one of the warmest and rainiest places in Canada. When Brittany wrote this card (on 5th November) it was 12°C and raining.

Postcard shows pictures of some of the most interesting spots on the island - Cathedral Grove, a forest with some of the oldest cedar trees in the world (even 1,000 years old!), Port Alberni with island's best hiking trails, or Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park where you can see beautiful waterfall cascades.

If you'd like to know more about Vancouver island, have a look on this website. Thank you Brittany for adding this another beautiful Canadian island to my collection!

map source: wikipedia

vancouver island

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  1. The Island is also famous for its forests and the fishing opportunities.



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