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45 norfolk island

The next card is from the tiny island called Norfolk, located in the South Pacific between New Zealand and Australia. This is actually the card that has travelled the longest way so far, over 16,000 km!

Jillian, who is one of the 1800 Norfolk inhabitants, sent this lovely card which shows not only her island, but also its neighbour - an even smaller, uninhabited - Phillip island. On the first photo in the end of this post, you can also see how Norfolk island looks like seen from the hills of Phillip.

The card shows you also the island's symbol - the evergreen Norfolk Island pine tree sometimes called also "star pine, triangle tree or living Christmas tree", thanks to its symmetrical shape. It's even portrayed on the island's flag.

Right now it's summer on Norfolk, and as Jillian wrote "the days are getting hot and humid, but it's good to be able to go for a quick swim after work!" I'm jealous ;)!

map source: wikipedia

Norfolk island

in the Pacific Ocean
biggest town
Burnt Pine
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled
~16 664km
sent from

source: Richard Arculus
source: Adrian Turner


  1. Prześliczna kartka i prześliczne znaczki :) To chyba perełka w Twojej kolekcji, nie każdy może sobie na nią pozwolić ;)

  2. I didn't know they have their own stamps! :O

  3. Piękna pocztówka! A znaczki faktycznie są śliczne, tylko pozazdrościć. :)



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