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The next postcard was sent by Putri, who lives on the Java island in Indonesia.

As you can see the card shows "The olden days in Indonesia", and as I can read on the back, it is the traditional market in Java. The man is probably selling soto (which Putri can guess by looking at the type of bowl that he's using!). "Soto is a traditional soup, mainly made of broth, meat and vegetables. Each region of Indonesia has developed its own distinctive soto recipes". I would love to try it! :)

Java island formed mostly as the result of volcanic eruptions; 45 of its volcanoes are still considered active. It's also interesting to know that Java is actually the world's most populous island.

Thank you so much Putri for sharing this piece of traditional life of your island! If you would like to know more about West Java, where the card was sent from, have a look here.

map source: wikipedia


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  1. Oh my goodness...I stumbled upon your blog via my bloglovin' feed, and now I'm just sitting here thinking about how totally brilliant this is..! What a darn cool project! I'm following. I love postcards and islands. Gahh...this is cool.

    1. Thank you Katie for visiting and such kind words :)

      I am really happy that other island lovers like this place!



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