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40 borneo

Next card in my collection was sent by Anny May, from the Sabah region of Borneo. Borneo is the third largest island in the world, and its territory is divided among three countries: Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Sabah state is often called "Land beneath the Wind", because it's located just below the typhoon and monsoon belt of South East Asia. The name Sabah, on the other hand, comes from a banana tree called 'Pisang Sabaa'.

Island of Borneo is a truly great destinations for nature lovers, as you can see on the map, there are many parks and wildlife reserves; one of them - the Kinabalu National Park is also a World Heritage Site. When it comes to animals, Sabah is home to the Borneo Pygmy Elephant, the world's smallest elephant, you can also see there Tarsier, the world smallest primates (with characteristic, large eyes) and the Proboscis Monkeys (the ones with really long noses).


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Here you can find some beautiful photos from Borneo rainforests. And big thanks to AnnyMay for this Sabah card!

source: Jason Jones
source: Martin Sercombe


  1. Bardzo ciekawa mapa, fajnie że są na niej pozaznaczane (z tego, co widzę) wyjątkowe miejsca :)

    1. tak, dobrze widzisz :) akurat z regionu Sabah jest całkiem sporo ładnych pocztówkowych map.



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